Day 21 – Good day

July 30 2017. Finally a relatively maintenance free day. We departed around 9 am from John Day and headed towards LaPine Oregon, 265 miles.  The trails were wide and clear. So clear, we were asking ourselves -where is everyone? Where were the campers, hikers, and general outdoor folk?


steves bkike


We blasted through the first 100 miles practically not seeing a soul in the hills and then we approached the town of Prineville. They had a river and now we saw the campers and fishermen.



Croked river OR


crooked river campground

Chris caught another fork seal leak along the way.

fork seal

About 45 south of Prineville we entered an area designated for OHV so we were racing through trails and some single track. Steve’s tire is showing some wear but should make it for the next two days.


Not much of an update as I think we were really interested to get to the destination. We have had so many issues with the bikes in the last couple of days that we are becoming cautious of stopping.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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