First off, I am 48 years old and had ridden dirt-bikes for the most part of my youth then walked away from them after a bad crash 20+ years ago followed by two kids and a military career. So, the boys are grown, I retired from the Army and for my birthday I mentioned to my wife that I thought I might want to get another bike. She said “you should do that”, I don’t know whether she is an angel or really wanted me out of the house. Either way, I immediately walked into the local KTM shop and saw the most beautiful thing; a 2016 XCF-W 350 Six Days. My intention was to start trail riding on the weekends but sure enough within 30 days I was signed up for a hare scramble and had the bug all over again. While randomly searching the web for mods to the Six Days, I stumbled across the Trans American Trail (TAT), I was hooked. I began building spreadsheets, reading blogs, bought the maps from Sam and after hours and hours poring over the maps, I had a plan.


One thought on “Why?

  1. So I am the third wheel on this amazing trip and I’m very very excited to finally complete the Tat from where I left off in Moab to the end on the Pacific coast. The short story is I met JB (the blog writer ) at a hardcore off-road course in Fl a few mo ago. We hit it off both being FTR racers and just general dirt moto enthusiasts. I’ve been looking to finish the TAT since I did the Memphis to Moab leg on a big 1200 Buell Ulysses in 09. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/a-uly-on-the-tat-say-what.495680/

    This was one of my all time favorite trips in my life. Since that trip I’ve been jonesing to finish… My current ride is an Xr600r that I keep in Colorado… which is an amazing jumping off spot for tons of adventures.. I’ve done many off road trails and miles with the mighty XR6 and am currently here in CO prepping the bike for this trip. Stoked beyond words !


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