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So the stock 350 Six Days was race ready as promised but certainly not prepared for the 30 day long cross country adventure. I pulled from every blog I could find to ensure I prepared the machine appropriately. My favorite was That guy is my hero, he is living my retired dream. Below is a list of What I modded on the machine.

Rekluse Clutch – $600 (this is an amazing invention)

Steering Stabilizer- $300 (another amazing invention)

Seat Concepts seat – $300 (KTM racing seat is way too hard and narrow)

Garmin Zumo 665LM- $300 (brand recommended by Sam Correro)

Pro Moto Billet “Rack It” Rear Cargo Rack Black  – $250 (to carry shit)

KTM Fuel Tank (NO CA) 5.0 Gallon Natural – $250 (could have gone with 4 gal)

Dunlop D606 Front and Rear tires – $200 (recommended by several TAT riders)

Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeliss) Tire System – $200 (Recommended as well)

Heavy Duty rear suspension spring – $200 (professionally done and SAG set)

Nelson-Rigg RG-020 Black Saddlebags – $120 (small cordoro bags)

WolfMan Tail Bag -$110 (expandable cordoro bag)

Flatland Racing Skid Plate – $100 (everyone needs a good skid plate)

Spot Tracker 3 – $80 (just in case)

Aluminum rear brake rock guard – $80 (for Utah)

G2 Dirt Tamer throttle – $70 (the KTM was twitchy)

Aluminum front brake rock guard – $50 (for Utah)

First Aid kit – $50 (the Army guy in me says take this)

Enduro Engineering Lower right Fork Leg Guard – $45 (for Utah)

Double Take Universal Enduro Mirror Kit – $25 (I broke the mirror that came with the bike on day 1)

Roll Chart holder  – $20 (for Sam’s roll charts)

SMH 10 Communications  -$200 (intercom and Bluetooth for phone)

Sicass racing enduro light/horn set for KTM – $350 (great plug and play set)

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