Day 4 -Tennessee to Mississippi

Car washing

July 12 2017. Day four began on time with a quick stop at the car wash to rinse the wheels and add some chain lube. Today we went from Savannah TN to Batesville MS.

Big Screw MS 2
Big Screw at MS

After departing Savannah we ran through what seemed like endless corn fields then we had to cross the TN river at the Pickwick dam. We came across this screw monument. We didn’t take the time to read where it came from.

Chris flat tire

We rode for a couple of hours then Chris caught a flat front tire. Luckily it was only on the low pressure side of our Tubeliss tire systems. So a quick jolt of air from the Tusk C02 canister and we were back on the road.

Chris Kudzo forest
Kudzu Forest
MS Dirt

We entered Mississippi and I noticed that the Kudzu was everywhere. It seemed like it was literally overtaking all of the trees.

Aggie Mart

I snapped this pic at one of our gas stops (Kossuth MS). I thought the truck matched the era of the gas station.

MS Bridge out 2
MS Bridge out

Mississippi brought the most washed out roads/bridges we had to navigate. Crossing areas that are washed out is really fun. Having to figure out how to do it and then taking the risk of actually doing it is a blast. Luckily along our route no one ever tried to stop us -I think they were just fascinated with these two guys even attempting it.

Americs best value inn

We arrived in Batesville MS around 7pm really tired and dusty. A quick dip in the lovely America’s Best Value Inn’s pool and then dinner at Waffle House next door. It had WiFi but super slow and I couldn’t get the videos to upload.Chris Sock drying

Chris had to improvise drying his socks tonight. Tomorrow we are definitely seeking out a laundromat…

One thought on “Day 4 -Tennessee to Mississippi

  1. That screw monument looks like a wayward missile that got stuck in the ground. I just got the funniest picture in my mind… decide to grow your hair and beard out and Chirs decides to cut his all off by Nebraska.

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