Day 3 – Fayetteville TN to Savannah TN

July 11 2017. Day three began on time mostly because the motel we were staying at was having the roof replaced and the trove of workers started tearing the old roof off at 5:30 am. I can sleep through a lot but stomping boots and shouts in Spanish had me dreaming the US had been invaded.

We departed Fayetteville enroute to AL and back into TN to end in Savannah. The day was full of gravel roads with multiple water crossings.

mt zion water

water crossing tn

chris by water

water crossing 2

water crossing tn

We were now clear of any mountains and into the rolling hills.


Tennessee is littered with old barns and majestic homesteads. This old place was being kept up and I wasn’t sure of the reason for the three flagpoles.

We took a quick break in front of this place -one of many abandoned places along the trail.
waterloo Al

We have been cris-crossing the Trail of Tears for a couple of days now. This time we were running along the Tennessee river through Waterloo Alabama and a dad with is son fishing took this photo for us.
laying dn

Running along the river had major twists and turns on loose gravel with some very steep ups and downs. The heat had taken its toll on me and I needed a break. We opted to rest at an old burned down house where all that was left was the concrete porch.

We ran across this little guy basking in the sun. Problem was he was in the middle of the road.

Chris opted to place him back on the grass.


We made it to Savannah TN around 5pm and were lucky to get a room at the Days Inn. Since it is now day three we had to do laundry. I opted for the Days Inn’s wonderful pool. Yes those are my socks and underwear in the water. I figure the chlorine is better than the hotel soap.


Chris however, decided he would wash his socks in the sink where we are going to brush our teeth. So those of you that cringed at me washing my clothes in the pool -what say you about which method is better?

bikes in rmhotel

After the clothes washing we headed over for some Taco Bell and back to the room. Bikes full loaded and settling down to write this blog and download the videos.

Tomorrow we are off to Batesville MS!

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