Day 19 – Wheels Come Off

July 27 2017. After getting lucky the night before with the cabin we were feeling good. We were up early and looking over the bikes.

Trudys idaho city]

Steve went to work fixing a bad battery pack that powered his GPS. Luckily he had brought a spare.
bad batt

batt replacement

We were feeling so good that we decided to eat breakfast at Trudy’s. The BEST corned beef hash we’d ever had.

trudys bfast

Trudy was making the rounds between customers and sat with us and told tales for a while.


We hit the road around 10 am and the weather was perfect. About 20 miles outside of Idaho city JB sprung an oil leak and a fork seal leak. The oil was coming out of the clutch slave cylinder and spraying on the rear tire. This being a direct result of the mud and rocks form the day prior. Luckily Chris spotted it a quick stop and Steve had oil with him.

oil leak2

oil leak

seal leak

That took about 30 minutes and we were back on the trail.

We crossed into Oregon! we were finally making some good time.


The weather turned hot and the trails were dusty. But we were flying. Then at the top of a hill about a half mile outside of Huntington Or, Steve’s bike shut down. He coasted down the hill while using his GPS to find a gas station. Amazingly he made it to the only gas station in town.

This is where things got interesting. His bike had lost compression. wouldn’t start no matter how much he kicked it over.

gasd station fix

We were stuck but something great happened. The town rallied around us. Huntington has just over 400 residents. People were calling each other looking for guys with tools and knowledge.

One guy, Mike, actually had small cabins right around the corner that we would be able to stay. We moved the bikes over to the cabins and into the shade. More and more calls were made and more and more people showed up.


Several “experts” chimed in on the issues with the bike.

The consensus was the valves needed a looking at. So we began to tear down the motor. Mike brought his tools over and we went to work.

pulling the head

part table


steves biuke2
dirty valves

We still weren’t sure what exactly the issue was a local named Kevin offered to take the head back to his home workshop. The whole town was behind us and the hospitality especially from Mike and Kevin was absolutely amazing!

Back at kevin’s place he welded a nut on top of the head were we sheared a bolt off so we could remove it.


We poured some fuel onto the closed valves to see if they leaked. And they did. badly. Therefore we had to clean them. Kevin pulled the valves out and lapped them.

leak test

Everything we could do was done except for putting everything back together. That would have to take place tomorrow and it was now after midnight. We have more pictures and will load them later.

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