Day 17 -Volcanic Rock and F-15’s

July 25 2017. Today was an early rise day to get back on the trail by 7am. We were faced with cloudy skies and the threat of heavy rain. We departed the Marble Inn in Tremonton UT headed towards Arco ID.


There wasn’t much to see in Northern Utah, lots of wheat fields and this old windmill.

steve windmill

We quickly arrived at the ID border



Here is Chris peeing on the Idaho side of the border.

chris pee

Chris noticed his front tire needed some air- This is an ongoing thing for his front tire (low pressure side, Tubliss system). We have been using the Tusk CO2 canisters and Chris blew one up in his face (no injury) but scared the crap out of him.


The light rain and the dust combined to create challenging conditions for video and sight in general


We were making great time because the trails were not soaked. When the trails in Idaho become wet they become impassible. We saw many deep ruts from previous wet periods


stev e



we arrived at American Falls UT and decided to stop for fuel. We always ask the locals for a restaurant recommendation. Today was a local Mexican joint aptly named Tres Hermanos.


The fajitas were amazing

We geared up after lunch and went directly into the Crater of the Moon National park. We traversed 70 miles on great trail. One of the best of the entire trip. The Crater of the Moon National Park is actually volcanic rock from a million+ years ago? The trail riding was fast and fantastic.

We came across these stacked rocks. It seems that the rocks are lava type? the surrounding area was littered with these “lava” type rocks.

moon cratwer

steve rock

steve pick

Due to the rough trail one of Steve’s welded saddle bag brackets snapped. We did some field expedient repairs to get to the next town.

steve desert mainy

de3sert mainyenance

While running across the trail four F-15’s screamed low across the valley. Chris captured this shot.

f15 flyover

After 230 miles we rolled in the town of Arco UT in search of a motel. We had to find out why the mountain side had numbers crudely painted on the rocks. Turns out that every graduating high school class from Arco UT has painted their graduating year on the rocks since 1920.

num ber mountain

We found a great little place called the DK Inn. Notice the WiFi is in quotes.


We started with bike maintenance.


safety wire

safety wire2

Then we chilled out for a bit meeting the neighbors. Jesse aka “boatboy” is riding his Harley from MA to CA and back.



We had a few well deserved beers before walking over to the Pickle for dinner.



The food was perfect for the day.


Tomorrow we set out for 250 miles of Idaho mountains.

3 thoughts on “Day 17 -Volcanic Rock and F-15’s

  1. Hope all is going OK no updates in a couple of days starting to worry might start drinking again to calm my nerve’s. Be safe bob


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