Day 15 – Qucksand and Pictographs

July 23 2017. Today was a good day. All three bikes were running smooth. We departed Green River UT headed for Ephraim UT.

Our journey started in the heat of the desert.

rocks green river

more desert2

more deserts

We saw these rocks and wanted to take a pic. However, what looked like as dry lake bed turned out to be quicksand.



stuck in mud

chris mud

bike in mud2

We had to muscle Chris’ bike out. Note how the footsteps got deeper the more you moved to the middle of the lake bed.

chris stuck in mud1

chris stuck in mud2

chris stuck in mud7

mud on tire

This was real world quicksand that we just didn’t see coming.  Notice how it sticks to the rear tire. When walking out into the middle your footsteps would sink deeper and deeper and became really difficult to move. No telling how deep it really was and we had no desire to find out.

We continued for about 100 more miles and then came upon this view. Notice the white rock walls in the distance, we were headed towards those.


steve desert

nikes and long desert road

The white rocks turned out to be the Temple Mountain Wash pictograph area.


rocks and bikes

painted rock3

painted rock2

painted rocks2

We found it surprising that the pictographs were not protected except for a three rail fence which effectively keeps no one out. Luckily there is no real vandalism here. Albeit a very remote place it seems that this history should be protected a bit more.

Soon after the pictographs we were headed back up into the mountains. Over 10,000′ up. We went from the desert to above the snow line in the same day.


looming rain outside of Manti utah

going up mountain1

climbing mountain3

climbing mountain2


Steve’s boot sole separated so a roadside duct tape fix was in order.

steves boot

After clearing the mountains we descended into he town of Ephraim. However there were no open motels so we headed 7 miles South to the town of Manti and found a motel.

steve in manti motel

We were done for the day -230 miles total. Tomorrow we head to Tremonton UT.

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