Day 11- And Then There Were Three

July 19 2017. Steve met up with us this morning.


We had breakfast at the W Cafe and it was fantastic. The biscuits and gravy were recommended by the locals and it didn’t disappoint.

We spent the day having new tires put on and changing oil and filters. While we were waiting for the tires we decided to get some laundry done. While waiting in the local laundromat I picked up a magazine and flipped it open to this ad:

I stared at it for a second and then flipped to another:

Of course I had to look again at the magazine and the publish date:

1988! The year I was married!. The magazine had no wear and tear especially since it was in the local laundromat. I was fascinated to see the ads from 1988. Anyone remember the Tandy 1000 or the Olds Touring?

After laundry we walked the town and ended at a local microbrew – High Alpine Brewing Company. Yes I am sure there is a double meaning to the name since there are legal cannabis dispensary’s all over the place here.


from bar


We ended the night early as we have to get started early tomorrow heading for Utah.

Tomorrow we plan to end at the Three Step Hideaway. It is off the grid and we will be staying in a teepee so no internet. I’ll post in a couple of days.

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